Completing the our engineering, we start the business of communication in 1989. Our vision in that time we see in future of communication & Information & technology and we go in that trend. In creating of that time actually Communication field in born or that field convert in routine life from luxurious field.

Start from 1989 go to conferencing in communication through PBX in installed in complexes.

After the endof 1994 we start Private exchange with C-Dot Technology with licence of Department of tele-communication and it now convert in BSNL.

We go 1024 port in Private Exchange than 2002 we convert out Technology from C-Dot Technology to Digital Exchange KAREL-DS200 manufectured by made in Turkey. So senior of that in communication we see in data communication worle of security systemes & Internet.

So we go to give this services still today & Tomorrow & Future in fast improvements. we introduced latest and mature technology of Internet Over Cable and Wireless for a better & Stable connectivity.

We have a wide coverage of our own network backbone of Optical Fiber Cable and Wireless across Bhavnagar district which includes industrial zones Kumudwadi, Business-center , haluriya , Kalanala , Nirmal nagar, Ghogha circle , Kaliyabid, Shashtrinagar , Vidhya nagar Vaghawadi road.

Our efforts are to take a giant leap with the world's latest and modern technologies. This in turn benefits to the large set of customers. We use optical fiber, coaxial cable, and combination of both OFC and Coaxial cables and off course wireless technologies for Broadband deliveries.

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